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How to identify the authenticity of secret data recovery?

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How to identify the authenticity of secret data recovery? In the era of big data and Internet, the importance of information security has become increasingly prominent. In particular, national information security, from personal privacy to work secrets, to business secrets and state secrets, information security has increasingly been valued. When these important confidential data are lost, what should we do? At present, the domestic data recovery market is mixed and professional, and it is difficult for ordinary users to identify it. Since May 2015, the state secret Bureau has begun to release the qualification of secret data recovery, which has opened a new page to China's data recovery industry. The "secret data recovery qualification" has not only made clear requests for the company's capital strength, technological strength, company size, and company performance (requiring 1 million of the registered capital, 3 years of employment, and the establishment of an international standard clean room, service). There are more than 10 personnel, 1 senior titles, 40 square meters of classified business, and over 3 million achievements over the past 3 years, and there are strict regulations on company management, especially in confidentiality management. The companies that get the qualification of secret data recovery are very good companies in terms of industry strength, technology and reputation. If users lose important data, they can directly find the company that has the qualification of secret data recovery, not only the success rate is guaranteed, but also the data security is guaranteed. However, in search of "secret data recovery qualification" on the Internet, it is found that there are a lot of secret data recovery in the market. It is known that there is "qualification for secret data recovery". If it is true and false, there is no way to distinguish it. Then how to identify the true and false "secret data recovery qualification"? AI data recovery Xiaobian for you to share:

The first step is to check the certificate.

The second step is to see if the certificate is valid.

The third step is to see the applicable scope of the certificate.

The following is the query address carefully found by Xiaobian, which can be directly queried to the national and provincial secret information qualification inquiries.

National secret science and Technology Evaluation Center: Http://

Grade II confidential information system integration qualification query:

Anhui Security Bureau: Http:// Classid=242

Jiangsu Security Bureau: Http://

Shandong Security Bureau: Http://

Shanghai Security Bureau: Http://

Guangdong Security Bureau: Http://

Guangxi Security Bureau: Http:// (government affairs public column download directly)

Hubei Security Bureau: Http://

Hunan Security Bureau: Http://

Henan Security Bureau: Http:// (recent attention column)

Hebei Security Bureau: Http://

Jiangxi Security Bureau: Http://

Tianjin Security Bureau: Http://

Xinjiang Security Bureau:

Sichuan Security Bureau: Http://

Yunnan Security Bureau: Http://

Chongqing Security Bureau: Http://

Liaoning Security Bureau: Http:// ID=4295

Jilin Security Bureau: Http://

Heilongjiang Security Bureau: Http://

Some provinces did not find relevant addresses on the Internet.

Of course, if the expiration date of the validity period, the secret bureau website can not be found, are invalid certificates, we should not be fooled easily.

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