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Which company does the secret data recovery company choose?

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Which company does the secret data recovery company choose? More and more people are beginning to pay attention to this kind of problem. Because with the continuous development and upgrading of Internet technology, more and more data security has attracted people's attention. Many media that store important information, such as mobile hard disk, mobile phone and U disk, are important devices for storing information. Once important information is lost, the loss to oneself will be very huge. In particular, the loss of classified data files is adding fuel to the fire. At this point, choosing a prestigious and qualified data recovery company is the first thing people should consider. So which company is good at restoring secret data? Of course, I recommend Hefei AI data recovery. Hefei Alte Mdt InfoTech Ltd (AI te data recovery), located in Anhui Province, China's capital of science and technology - Hefei. Since its establishment in 2000, AIT data recovery has been focusing on data recovery industry for 15 years. It is a 15 year old data recovery company. It has set up data recovery companies in Anhui and even the whole country with professional data recovery technology, fifteen years brand strength and well-known reputation.

 Secret data recovery qualification

AI data recovery has been established for fifteen years, and successfully solved all kinds of data recovery problems for more than 30000 customers, which saved huge economic losses and good social benefits. It pioneered the development of data recovery industry in Anhui, and always led the development of the industry. It was awarded the deputy secretary-general unit of the computer industry chamber of Commerce of Anhui province and the title of technical service standardization leader, and was awarded the title of "civilized management unit" by the Hefei industrial and Commercial Bureau in 2005-2006. In 2016, it was the year of AIT Tengfei. Not long ago, AI data recovery became the only data recovery institution in China that is truly engaged in data recovery industry. The certificate number is JC221600236, and the certificate is valid: October 8, 2016 -2019 October 7th.

The company that really owns this qualification can be inquired by the state secret Bureau and provincial secrecy bureaus. Therefore, if the expiration date of the validity period or the secret bureau website can not query its qualifications, it will be invalid. Among them, the grade a qualification is inquired into the website of the national secret science and technology evaluation center; the qualification of grade B is inquired into the website of the provincial Secrecy Bureau. At present, the number of companies that truly possess secret data recovery qualification is very few in the country. So why does AI data recovery have such strength? Why does AI data recovery get this qualification? That is because:

1, AIT has a fully enclosed recovery studio, and the 100 level standard dust free data recovery room.

2, monitor the whole process without missing any details to ensure the safety of data recovery process.

3, a confidentiality agreement, signed a confidentiality agreement, cut off any data leakage situation, fully ensure the safety and secrecy of data recovery.

4, the whole process of escort is more transparent. Users can accompany the hard disk data recovery process, and users are more comfortable.

5, the whole process accords with the standard of confidentiality, so that the data recovery process is more standardized, professional and formal.

6, more strength advantages can be found directly in our favorite official website.

 Secret data recovery certificate

 AI's secret data recovery advantage

AI data recovery uses the mirror disk, and the data backup disk uses a new unused hard disk or a media that meets the security standard (after secret erase). The security authentication USB recovery device, no storage function, can adapt to various recovery environments. Mobile opening equipment can provide on-site opening service. There are various indications that the strength of AI data recovery is obvious to all. It has the advantage that the same industry can not compare in terms of technology, professionalism, service, price and brand.

For data recovery, AI data recovery has the following advantages:

1, free consultation, free testing, free data backup.

2, free door-to-door pick up (Hefei Downtown), free 24 hours urgent.

3, on-site testing, determine the spot price on the spot, and recover quickly 2 hours.

4, first backup the original disk, only mirror operation, to ensure the original state of the original disk.

5. Strictly keep confidential data for customers and sign confidential agreements according to customer needs.

6. Sensitive data customers can recover or restore to the designated location.

7, data recovery is not successful, no fees, customers do not charge data without charge.

8, annual rest, 7*24 hours Senior Data Recovery engineer tracking

9, free and clean, free installation system, lifelong system maintenance.

 AI's secret data recovery advantage

In the early stage of the team, the technology is the main technology, and the technology pursued by it gradually updates and serves better for every user. But at the same time, we are also gradually improving the sincerity of every service to the users. A group of young people after 90 are more courageous in creating their own different positions on their posts. Compared with technology, specialty, service and price, we still have some ideas. Choose AIT, a company that specializes in data recovery. The only company that specializes in secret data recovery. The pursuit of perfection is one of the highlights of the AI data recovery team. This is also the embodiment of AI's data recovery brand, and the ultimate goal of service recovery is to keep AI data recovery unchanged. You can not choose AIT, but please choose the data recovery company according to the standard of AET!

There are so many things in Xiaobian. The important thing is how you can distinguish and filter yourself. No matter what, after all, data is invaluable and institutions that can fully restore data are good institutions. Xiaobian hopes to sort out these data, which can really help you. In short, there are problems, find AI. AI data recovery, to help you solve a variety of data recovery problems.

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