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How much is the recovery of mobile hard disk data?

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Net friend Foxseed12 :

One of my Netac 160G Mobile hard disk has been broken for more than three years.

Sent to Netac officials, they said they could be repaired, but they could not restore the original data. No way, I found a special data recovery company. They tested it and said they had to open it. To restore data, ask for price. One thousand and five hundred Yuan...

Oh, my hard disk. 09 It's only when you buy it every year. Three hundred Many blocks.

Though the data in the hard disk is not very important, I want to restore it.

I do not know where the price is cheap, and the data recovery is complete. Recommend...


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Net friend Vb2070 :

Hard disk price data is priceless.   Important data must buy multiple hard disk backup.


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Profile of netizens:

Many data recovery companies, If you care about the price, you can use the software first. Those who do not care can directly find professional people, but generally they are paid back.


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recovery by the self ... Finding someone else's technical simple process is troublesome.


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Netizen sand cat Forty-seven :

I feel it is not difficult to recover. It's not difficult to have professional equipment. If you can't earn money, you will not do your business. Even if your hard drive is just for a small reason, they will say that they do not repair it. Last time, my hard drive was bad. In fact, it was just shielding the bad road. It would be OK without using those bad tracks. The owner told me that the disk had been discarded, and that the magnetic head had broken down with me. There are no problems at all, and can continue to be used.


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Net friend Rabris :

In fact, the most expensive thing is not the opening price, but also the bad way. How many companies will be able to treasure your data in line with the open market? ? Basically gambling.


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Do you really wipe your friends?

Opening must be expensive. This is risky. For example, if your motor is broken, he will first replace a motor with the brand and the same type. If not, it means that they have already lost a motor and are replacing the circuit board. These are hidden costs, plus the machine needed to recover the data is probably around. 10W Around, plus, for example, your hard drive is physically bad, data reads will become super slow, and you can see a reply data. Three Days, plus manual wages, the equipment is in a mess.


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Net friend Mengzhanx :

It depends. Do you want to open it? If you want to open it, People are opening in a dust-free room. A dust on the hard disk, it may destroy a bunch of data!





The debate continues. Around Mobile Hard disk data recovery How much is the problem? There are ordinary users, knowledgeable, and Tucao. Sum up :

1, the maintenance station can simply detect problems, but can not restore data, professional companies resume opening price is too high, want to find a cheap price, data integrity.

2, hard disk price, data is priceless. It's a problem. Why didn't you buy a backup disk at first?

3, anyway, you say that data recovery is not very important, but also distressed by money.

4, professional Data recovery company It's not difficult to recover. Equipment is in hand. So-easy !

5, restore units to exaggerate the difficulty of failure, the entire "pit".

6, opening conditions are poor, technology is not responsible, data recovery is risky.

7, opening up is reasonable.

  Having read the above comments, I am suffering from cold sweat in the data recovery industry. How many misunderstandings are there? Users still value price performance very much. Users do not understand the data recovery industry is on the one hand, as well as data recovery market chaos is also on the one hand, such as not professional, high price, technician quality is poor, low level of industry and so on.


In fact, in this environment, the data recovery industry is growing hard. The so-called cost performance of customers is also a one-sided understanding of the data recovery market. Therefore, some maintenance industries, and some data recovery companies, earn customers with low price advertisements, so the situation reflected by the users above really appears.


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