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    Jia Li photography SONY16G SD card prompt formatted data recovery success
    Unit name Wedding photo of Milan International Wedding Hall
    Associated people Sheng he can Customer area Pond data recovery
    Date of repair March 5, 2015 Recovery class Video and video data recovery
    Medium description SONY 16G SD card
    file system WINDOWS data type MTS
    Software name nothing Data base nothing
    Fault description SONY 16G SD card has been used normally, it suddenly crashed in copying process. After drawing the SD card, the partition prompts "RAW". It can not access the disk data normally.

    case analysis
    The image of the SD card is analyzed, and the mirror file is analyzed. It is identified as a "MTS" special video file. Only a part of the recovered video can be played by the common method, and the "flower screen" can be played. Finally, the 12G video and hundreds of photos are successfully restored by the MTS fragment tool.
    Case keywords SONY card data recovery MTS video recovery MTS video recovery SLR camera data recovery
    Prompt format recovery
    Recovery case sharing

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