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About AET

AI data recovery is the core business brand of Hefei Alte Mdt InfoTech Ltd, mainly engaged in Research and development of data recovery, data security, data disaster recovery technology and products. Located in Hefei, Anhui, a famous scientific and Technological City, adjacent to University of Science & Technology China, HeFei University of Technology, Anhui University and Chinese people. AIT Electronic Engineering Institute, the Army Academy of officers, and a large number of science and technology institutions of higher learning, strong technological atmosphere, in Hefei also. China Electronics 38, 43, Hefei branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Such key national scientific research institutions provide excellent external environment, technological support, talent pool and market space for the development of AI data recovery brand. AIT data recovery brand is based on Anhui, facing the whole country, focusing on data recovery industry. Fifteen year Success is More than 20000 customer To solve all kinds of data recovery problems, great economic losses and good social benefits were recovered. Pioneered the Anhui data recovery industry, always leading the development of the industry, awarded by the Anhui computer industry association. Deputy secretary-general unit, technical service standardization leader Title.

Professional provide all kinds of hard disk failure data recovery services

In the past 15 years, AI data recovery has always adhered to the market oriented, technology based core competitiveness, customer service based philosophy, and focused on the introduction of advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, including the world's leading data recovery system. AIT PC3000UDMA, PC3000 FOR SCSI SAS FC, the professional MRT red card and SCSITOOLS full function version produced by domestic manufacturers, has SCSI disk cabinets, SAS disk cabinets, SAS optical disk cabinets, recovery servers on multiple servers, and can recover 100 hard drives simultaneously. A standard dust free recovery laboratory has also been built. The company has many kinds of servers, storage certification engineers, and national certified data recovery engineers. Core technicians are all experts who have long been engaged in hard disk data recovery, hard disk recovery, server data recovery, RAID data recovery, storage data recovery, minicomputer data recovery, database recovery, mobile phone forensics recovery and server, storage, minicomputer maintenance. They are experienced in many wars and are experienced in actual combat. Our technical team has constantly summarized and innovating in actual combat, and has conquered many technical difficulties in the industry. For example, hard disk cleaning technology, multi disc hard disk replacement motor coaxial disk capture technology, hard disk magnetic head cleaning, storage problems and file fragments recovery technology, especially in SQL database, ORACLE database, monitoring, video and other special files, the technology of fragmentation is significant. The success rate of recovery has been greatly improved. The top recovery equipment, superb recovery technology, standardized recovery process, excellent industry reputation, so that AI data recovery has accumulated a large number of government customers, business customers and industry channel customers, has established long-term and stable cooperation, become a major data recovery project refers to service providers.


AI data recovery 15 years, always adhere to the "do not abandon, do not give up, restore the data to the end" belief, always adhere to the spirit of "excellence and excellence", always adhere to the "create wealth for customers, create and develop value for employees, create value for the society" business purpose, continuous innovation and continuous progress, leading the data recovery industry healthy and sustainable. Development.

 AIT data recovery development

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