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Can the deleted data file be resumed?

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Can the deleted data file be resumed? Many times, when you reorganize the file data, you didn't think it was important at that time. You just deleted it, but soon discovered that the deleted data file was very important, so you tried to recover the data you deleted by hand. However, is it possible to recover any missing data files? The answer is definitely No. The engineer of Hefei AIT data recovery center said that the success rate of data loss recovery is not 100%, and there is no way to recover.

 Can the deleted data file be resumed?

Because before the data loss is restored, the disk space for storing the file is written to other data files. This file may be destroyed. Data recovery can only be attempted to repair, but it may also fail to recover. Therefore, after the file is deleted, the number of disk partitions in which the file is written is less, and the possibility of deleted files being successfully restored is higher. Therefore, in order to improve the possibility of recovery after data loss, the Hefei special data recovery center has summarized the following skills:

1, if a disk partition has files to restore, try not to write data in this partition. For example, installing software in this partition, saving files, copying files, and so on, will write data to the disk partition, which may damage the data content of the recovered files.

2, please save the recovered files on another disk (or disk partition). Otherwise, the newly written data may cover the files to be recovered.

3, after the data is lost, please close all the processes that can be shut down to avoid possible write disk operations. Some programs may generate a large number of temporary files during the operation, and these temporary files may also cover the files to be recovered.

4, try not to store important data in the system disk partition. The system disk (the disk installed on the Windows operating system) is a disk partition that is frequently read and written frequently, so the possibility of failure is higher than that in other partitions.

However, the AI Data Recovery Center explains here that if you use the free data recovery software or restore other data recovery companies, you must never give up and try directly to the AI data recovery center. The AI data recovery center can not only restore the damaged photos, documents and other data files in the disk, but also restore the formatted disk data, and restore the disk partition table caused by virus destruction, human damage, and incorrect cloning, so as to solve the problem that the disk can not be opened due to the loss of the partition table. More professional data recovery engineers, through manual analysis, extract directly through the underlying data, and recover the deleted files.

Therefore, data loss is not terrible, terrible is the late processing of lost data and storage device operation, more important is to find a professional technology mature data recovery agency to deal with data recovery. AI data recovery in Anhui has seventeen years of data recovery qualification, and all data loss on the basic market can be found by AI Te to solve the problem of data recovery. So, can deleted data files be resumed? The answer is: it is very likely to recover! However, it can not be 100% sure that no data recovery institution can make a commitment of 100% to recover any data 100%, but the success rate of data recovery is infinitely close to 100%.

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