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Ransom virus swept over? Don't panic! Anhui AI data recovery to help you.

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Ransom virus swept over? Don't panic! Anhui AI data recovery to help you! Recently, the AI data recovery center has received a lot of customer response to computer blackmail related problems, because many of them are because computers have important data, but do not know why the blackmail virus, fear is a bottomless pit, only then can we have a professional way to solve this kind of virus. So, aiming at the recent extortion of ransom virus, the AI data recovery center has summarized several suggestions for you, hoping to help everyone!

 What to do if blackmail is attacked?

Don't be afraid of blackmail. Follow these steps to keep in mind!

1. when you send a declassified test document to a hacker, never reveal your unit information. If you are judged to be an important department, hackers will blackmail some bitcoins.

2., do not put on a regular backup server, one will be poisoned, the most important thing is to occupy a lot of storage space, hackers may default judgment data volume, data is important, will ask you for high fees.

3, if the impact is great, it is recommended that the alarm be processed directly.

When our important data is stored, it is best to choose another storage device for backup storage, and it is better not to connect to the computer. When important data need backup, then connect to backup important data, and then disconnect. In fact, extortion virus itself is not terrible, terrible is that important data is encrypted and can not be used. Therefore, hackers will extortion large amounts of money from extortion according to the importance of data. Therefore, we must not let blackmailing know the importance of data, and if the conditions permit, we can directly seek help from the police.

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