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Analysis of hard disk data recovery difficulty

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With the upgrading of electronic equipment, more and more people begin to use electronic products. At the same time, the utilization rate of storage devices is also increasing. More and more Internet users have increased the birth of many storage devices, such as mobile hard disk, U disk, and so on. Only when the hard disk storage file is lost will it be the first time to find professional data recovery agencies. Although data recovery is a very professional "high technology", it has been passed before. Deep secret: Hefei hard disk opening data recovery process This article also introduces to you the mystery of hard disk data recovery, but how many people know where the difficulty of data recovery is? Today, the little editor of Hefei AIT data recovery will give you an analysis of hard disk data recovery difficulties.

1, the internal structure of hard disk (here is mechanical hard disk and solid state disk).

For large capacity data files, they often use large capacity storage devices such as SSD or mechanical hard disk. What kind of structure are they?

 Analysis of hard disk data recovery difficulty

So, when it comes to mechanical hard disk and solid state disk, where is the difficulty of data recovery?

About 95% of the hard disks will be discarded in air for more than 10 minutes, and about 40% of the hard drives will be discarded for more than 15 minutes at 1000 level operating stations. If the operation table is placed in a thousand level super clean room and a local 100 level environment is formed, the percentage of data loss caused by the exposure time within 30 minutes can be controlled within 1%. Therefore, data recovery, especially opening up, has strict requirements on the working environment.

 Analysis of hard disk data recovery difficulty

Here, we need to clarify this concept. The ten level cleanliness refers to the environment needed to work hard for a long time. The data recovery process is only a few dozen minutes, and the ultimate goal is not to restore the hard disk, but to retrieve the missing data. At this time, the cleanliness of the 100 level can completely meet the demand. The ten level cleanliness is the same as the opening success rate of the 100 level cleanliness. The real super clean room is not built by data recovery service providers. It needs to be commissioned by specialized manufacturers. The Hefei AIT data recovery center, because of its many years of data recovery experience and strength, has its own 100 level cleanroom at headquarters, which provides good data recovery conditions and environment for all kinds of hard disk data loss recovery.

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