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500G desktop hard disk storage image file missing data recovery example analysis

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500G desktop hard disk storage image file missing data recovery instance analysis. The hard disk sent by this client is far from Mianyang, Sichuan. Through Internet consultation, we will send the desktop hard disk to us directly. Hefei AIT data recovery Center.

 Data loss recovery for desktop hard disk

The hard disk of the client is the 500G Western desktop hard disk, because it does not shut down for a long time (work needs), so when you go to work on Monday, it is found that the computer has been turned off, and how it can not be opened. There is no way to ask the local maintenance organization. Through Internet consultation, we went to our special data recovery center. After analyzing the problem in detail, the engineers feel that the hard disk data of the customer can be recovered. Therefore, it is suggested that the client send the hard disk directly to our headquarters. After testing by MHDD, it is found that the hard disk is electrified with different noises. So, the engineer opened the test of the dust-free Lab of the hard disk. As expected, the hard disk magnetic head was seriously distorted, and the possibility of scratching on the disk was relatively large. So the engineer first looks for the same type of hard disk to make the spare parts tray, and opens the disk head in the dust-free laboratory to replace the bad disk. The disk is scratched. For data safety, the engineer does not directly energized the disk to avoid damage to the hard disk.

AIT engineer is preparing a hard disk of the same type as a heat exchanger. Connect the heat exchanger to the MRT device, stop the motor, remove the disc body, connect the client disc body to the heat exchange circuit, then turn the motor. Such an operation is mainly a guide. After boot, read the important firmware of the client hard disk. Then the power is cut off and the heat exchanger and circuit are restored. Then the important firmware read out from the client disk is written to the heat exchanger. At this point, a complete heat exchanger is ready. The power stops the motor, unloads the disc body, re connects the client disk body to the heat exchange disk, and starts the motor to access the customer data, and then through the MRT-DE physical mirror. Because of scratches on the disk, the engineer first creates a hard disk head bitmap. First copy the important data of the customer, then copy other data. Finally, with the engineers' efforts, the data will be restored successfully.

The above data recovery process is more professional in commentary. Fortunately, in the end, all the missing data requested by the customer have been completely restored and the customer's losses have been recovered.

Finally, we need to remind you that if the hard disk is not used for a long time, it is recommended to turn off the computer. If you really think that the job needs to be shut down for a long time, it is also recommended to turn off the machine at a certain time so that the hard disk can fully "rest". In order to avoid the sudden occurrence of the hard disk, the important data will be lost.

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