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What happens to server RAID5 data loss?

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What happens to server RAID5 data loss? This Hefei local customer, DELL server 3 block 600G server SAS hard disk to do RAID5, two disks have been dropped, restart after the start can not enter, and the financial software database can not be used, financial account sets missing. In haste, we seek help from our customer service. Customer service suggest that customers directly come to our special data recovery center.

 Server data recovery

Because the customer has worked with the customer once, so after making a simple record, customer service will directly give the trouble to the engineer. AIT server data recovery engineer directly took the hard disk to the lab for testing after knowing the situation. It turned out that there were a lot of bad paths in two hard disks, so the next thing was to complete the physical mirroring of the three hard disks, and to read the bad disk and serious disk through the MRT mirror function repeatedly, in order to maximize the hard disk. Code mirroring is complete to facilitate subsequent operations. Then engineers manually analyze the bottom code, re calculate the important RAID parameters, and then virtual RAID5 environment. Finally, the reorganization data is successful, so that the SQL2005 database is added normally. After detailed inspection, all data is accurate, and basically all data recovered successfully.

Here, the AI data recovery Xiaobian needs to remind you that after the server RAID5 data is lost, it is unclear why it is lost. We must remember to find a professional server data recovery mechanism to deal with it, so as to prevent the loss of important data from the server and bring irreparable damage. At the same time, it is necessary to develop regular maintenance and maintenance of servers, so as to avoid loss of important data caused by server failure. At the same time, it is necessary to make timely backup of important data files to prevent accidents. Server data loss, find professional agencies to select Hefei AIT server data recovery center!

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