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U can see the document but can't open it.

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U can see the document but can't open it. Sometimes, when we use the U disk, we find that the U disk is very "capricious". We can see the stored files, but we can not open them to death. Especially when these documents are very important, they will be in a hurry. At this time, we must hold back and seek professional data recovery agencies to deal with. Now, let's take a look at how the Hefei AIT data recovery company handles this problem.

To facilitate problem analysis, we need an example to illustrate it. Ms. Yang from Hefei has a 16G Kingston U disk, which has been carried and used for copying data. It has been normal to use the U disk before. On that day, Ms. Yang was also using the U disk normally, inserting the computer, recognizing the U disk correctly, but found that the files in the U disk could not be opened. Ms. Yang tried again and again, and found that they could not. Because of the very important information, Mr. Xia was also our regular customer. After consulting, the engineer suggested listening to the description, suspected that the chip was faulty, and directly recommended the AI data recovery headquarters inspection.

 U disk file can not be opened without data recovery.

According to the engineer, the U disk is open in the computer, and the file can be opened normally. After repeated confirmation with the customer, it is found that the files in the U disk have been lost. AI engineer first mirrored the U disk, and then scanned the data recovery software to find out the corresponding file and restore it. Data recovery is successful.

Sometimes, if a file is not opened, it may also be your own computer problem. Of course, for the sake of insurance, we need to choose a regular professional institution to deal with important data loss.

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