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How can hard disk partition be blocked?

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How can hard disk partition be blocked? A few days ago, Ms. Wu, from Hefei AIT data recovery company, found that the hard disk partition could not be opened after the laptop was turned on normally, and it was useless to restart the notebook many times. Through a friend who would repair the notebook, she knew that her notebook might be a hard disk head problem, but in order to ensure that the data file of notebook storage could be recovered, it came directly to our data. Recovery center.

 Hard disk partition cannot open data recovery

AIT Data Recovery Center Engineer detected the hard disk by MHDD. It was found that Ms. Wu's notebook hard disk had a bad magnetic head, so the engineer first created the magnetic head bitmap through the MRT device, then removed the defective magnetic head, first mirrored the data above the magnetic head, then mirrored the magnetic head with poor performance, and the whole mirror finished the data recovery successfully.

We need to tell you that the problem of head size occurs mostly in computers that have been used for many years, because the data read frequently, the performance of the magnetic head is reduced, the reading speed is slow, or the disk is not recognized. The performance of the magnetic head is bad except that the hard disk partition in this case can not be opened. It may also appear that the folder can not be opened, the data can not be copied (slow), the boot time is long, the frequent blue screen, the equipment type and the capacity are inconsistent. The poor performance of the magnetic head will also cause damage to the magnetic head.

Therefore, for hard disk storage of important documents, we need to develop the habit of backup. For important data files, regular backup can avoid many unnecessary troubles. If the hard disk has important data, it is impossible to get the suggestion, directly to the professional organization, anyway, the data is completely lost and can not be recovered.

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