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    Hard disk red light, yellow light, server alarm?

    Hard disk dropped and become external disk?

    RAID information loss, RAID failure?

    Poisoning, hacker attacks, data loss?


     If you are not professional and inexperienced, there is no solution.

    Stop operation

    please Stop immediately All applications request, disconnect the network, do not do any operation!

    When the equipment fails, there may be some good times and bad times. Some of them can barely access the data. This is because the equipment is in an unstable state and may crash at any time. If there is an application request at this time, it will cause the unstable equipment to produce data to read and write, and the success or failure of reading and writing can not be guaranteed, and it will aggravate the equipment damage. The power is not fully restored, and the important data cannot be replayed.

    Remember!!! Remember!!

    Never do it. Enforce on-line, rebuild RAID, and synchronize data. Operation!

    Many customers will ask the engineer of the equipment manufacturer or the dealer to help them when the equipment fails. These engineers are very familiar with the hardware of the equipment. They do not know much about the data structure of the device, and the principle of data recovery is even more unprofessional. These maintenance engineers often do the above problems and enforce the operation on line and rebuild RAID. An important problem is that if the hard disk damage is serious or there are multiple hard disks on the device, it is impossible for 100% to accurately judge the dropping order of hard disk, forcing the offline hard disk to be rebuilt or rebuilt, it will cause the new and old inconsistent data on the RAID disk to be synchronized. The hard disk lights are always flashing. Eventually, the new and old data will be intersected and confused, and the data will be completely unrecoverable. Cause irreparable loss! This case we encountered in a lot of practical work! Do not be good at doing bad things!

    Choose carefully!

    No "rush to the doctor!" Choice Formal, professional and honest Data recovery company!

    In search of the Internet, all kinds of recovery companies are in great numbers. Every family's advertising language is very powerful and the website is beautiful. In this era of network information flooding, it is hard to distinguish between the industry and the industry. As a user, it is more difficult to distinguish between professional and relatively strong data recovery. Some smarter customers will contact several companies to compare. Unfortunately, they are all "price". How can we recover the technology of the company, formal and informal, but not care about the word of mouth? But "quack is wrong and harm people"! Data recovery is also the case. If we encounter wrong diagnosis, lack of experience and improper operation, let the data be damaged again, or even be unable to repair it.

     AIT provides you with a full range of enterprise data recovery services:

    A kind of Master Each brand server, storage, minicomputer data recovery : More...


    IBM server data recovery

    HP server data recovery

    DELL server data recovery

    Wave server data recovery

    Dawn server data recovery






    Lenovo server data recovery HUAWEI server data recovery Fujitsu server data recovery EMC storage recovery

    SUN minicomputer recovery  






    Be proficient in Various types of RAID data recovery

    RAID0 data recovery RAID1 data recovery RAID10 data recovery RAID01 data recovery
    RAID5 data recovery RAID5E data recovery RAID6 data recovery HP ADG data recovery


    True depth decryption of RAID data structure, pure manual analysis data, 100% accurate and fast, especially for special structural RAID data analysis, such as: RAID5E/RAID5EE/RAID6/HP ADG, there is no software supporting automatic analysis and recovery of data, most of the recovery companies in the market rely on software recovery!

    Software analysis is time consuming, and needless to say, the rate of preparation is not guaranteed. Who else wants to take it to the test product?

    A kind of Master Various interface server hard disk data recovery

    Support All types The server hard disk various kinds of failure recovery, including server hard disk does not recognize (firmware failure), server hard disk bad path, server hard disk abnormal sound (server hard disk opening), server hard disk burn out and other fault recovery. In the light of 520, 510, 518, 528 Bytes of special hard disk are available. Perfect solution , High success rate , Fast We successfully recovered data for many domestic customers.

    SAS server hard disk SCSI server hard disk FC (optical fiber) server hard disk SATA enterprise hard disk

    520/528 byte special hard disk






    Be proficient in Various system platforms data recovery

    Linux data recovery HP UX data recovery Solaris data recovery IBM AIX data recovery
    EqualLogic data recovery NAS data recovery Virtualization data recovery


    Support all mainstream server system platform data parsing:

    Support cross platform data export, deep data recovery, data integrity, data structure intact. We have developed the recovery solution of virtual storage such as HP EVA/DELL EqualLogic, and provided an efficient solution for VMware VMDK damage repair, VMDK deletion in simplified mode.

     Professional formal safety

    Technology is stronger: guarantee of success rate and safety recovery.

    A kind of Chief server specialists resume professional certification through national data A kind of All server engineers have more than 10 years of practical experience.
    A kind of Core engineers are senior experts in the field of equipment services. A kind of Through: IBM server, storage, minicomputer expert authentication
    A kind of Through: HP server, storage, minicomputer expert authentication A kind of Through: DELL server, storage expert authentication, DELL EMC authentication

    The equipment is more complete: faster and better.

    A kind of SAS recovery cabinet, SCSI recovery cabinet, FC (optical fiber) recovery cabinet, multiple interface, multiple hard disk recovery, speed!

    A kind of HY-SAS SCSI FC TOOLS recovery platform, to solve the various interface hard disk recognition disk, firmware, bad road and other malfunctions, support mobile home service!

    A kind of 520 special hard disk recovery system, HP UNIX recovery system, HP EVA recovery system, DELL EqualLogic recovery platform, VMware virtual machine recovery platform and other server system recovery platform.

    Service is more intimate: do what you want, do what you do not want! Intimate and more patient !

    A kind of   Expert 24 hours free consultation, support remote diagnosis, service special vehicle nationwide service A kind of   Sign the recovery agreement, strictly confidentiality, accept the whole process of customer supervision, and restore the scene.
    A kind of   First backup the original data disc, then analyze and restore the backup disk to ensure that the original disk status is unchanged. A kind of   Assist customers to verify data and pay the terms according to the agreement after successful data recovery.
    A kind of   Free equipment fault diagnosis, recovery report and equipment maintenance plan. A kind of   Free system optimization, equipment procurement, data disaster recovery solutions.

     Server data recovery


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    More " Common problems in data recovery

    How can hard disk partition be blocked?
    How can hard disk partition be blocked? A few days ago, Ms. Wu, from Hefei AIT data recovery company, found that the hard disk partition could not be opened after the laptop was turned on normally, and it was useless to restart the notebook many times. Through a friend who would repair the notebook, she knew that her notebook might be a hard disk head problem, but in order to ensure that the data file of notebook storage could be recovered, it came directly to our data. Recovery center.
    U can see the document but can't open it.
    U can see the document but can't open it. Sometimes, when we use the U disk, we find that the U disk is very "capricious". We can see the stored files, but we can not open them to death. Especially when these documents are very important, they will be in a hurry.
    What if the hard disk is broken? How to restore hard disk data?
    What if the hard disk is broken? How to restore hard disk data? Here, the AI data recovery center reminds everyone that if the hard disk is broken, the important data files are lost. At this point, please do not operate on your own, especially to force the data to the hard disk memory again. Only in this way can we preserve the lost data "traces" and provide protection for the later data recovery.
    What about Hitachi's hard drive?
    What about Hitachi's hard drive? Mr. Wu from Chuzhou, whose 500G Hitachi hard disk was accidentally dropped, landed the shell off. When I was connected to my computer home, I found that I did not recognize the disk. I found it through the Internet and got to know our Hefei special data recovery center.
    How to recover data loss from server hard disk array?
    How to recover data loss from server hard disk array? Because of the sudden power failure during the UPS power supply, the information of the array is lost after the power failure of the server, and the system can not start. For the information loss of the server hard disk array, the AI data recovery center will do the following: 1, cut off the power in time and mark the hard disk in order. 2, complete the mirroring of multiple hard drives in the server separately. 3, analyze the underlying code to get the RAID array structure. 4, recombined RAID5, and ultimately tested, all data recovered successfully. What we need to note here is that because of the relative complexity of the server structure, data recovery is more difficult than ordinary storage devices. Therefore, if there is any problem with the server, especially when there are important data files, please contact for the first time.
    Can data recovery be damaged after years of hard disk damage?
    Can data recovery be damaged after years of hard disk damage? What happens if your computer suddenly fails to enter the system after many years of use and the computer stores important data files? Here, the editor of AI te data recovery center tells you: please immediately turn off the power and seek professional data recovery agencies to handle.
    Mr. Shi 2T mobile hard disk partition can not open data recovery
    Mr. Shi 500G mobile hard disk partition can not open data recovery. From Fengyang, Chuzhou, Mr. Shi, his 500G mobile hard disk, because of the children playing at home, accidentally dropped the hard disk directly from the one meter high table to the floor, and the shell was thrown off. This sudden accident made Mr. Shi nervous because the mobile hard disk was precious to store many children's photos and videos when they were young. Mr. Shi quickly tried to connect the computer to see if it was damaged. It turned out that the mobile hard disk could be identified but could not open the partition. After finding several repair shops in the locals, they could not recover, and could only do simple maintenance. After inquiring and consulting the Internet, Mr. Shi sent the hard disk to our Hefei AIT data recovery center.
    How can I recover the hard disk data when the computer suddenly fails to boot?
    How can I recover the hard disk data when the computer suddenly fails to boot? Ms. Qian, from Binhu, came to our special data recovery center for help. The laptop was well used without any malfunction, and it suddenly failed to turn on for second days. Many times, the problem remains the same. After consulting the Internet, we came to our special data recovery center.
    Case analysis of virus data loss recovery in Hefei hard disk
    Case analysis of virus data loss recovery in Hefei hard disk. Mr. Hao from Hefei Baohe District, whose 500G hard disk was not aware of the virus, caused all the files stored in the hard disk to be checked. So, follow your friend's recommendation and come to our Hefei AIT data recovery company.
    How can hard disk bad track be avoided? Hefei AIT data recovery tells you!
    Nowadays, there are more and more cases of bad track on the hard disk. In addition to the large number of hard drives used by all trades and professions, there are various improper behaviors. Most of the time, we all can not imagine what bad operation will happen to our hard drive because of bad operation. Of course, this is more or less unavoidable. Then, how should we avoid bad paths? Below Hefei AI data recovery to tell you the answer!

    More " Latest success stories

    Extortion virus repair in HIS system database of a hospital in Guizhou
    In May 1, 2018, a database of ransom virus'.RES' in a HIS system database of a hospital in Guizhou.
    The ransom virus ".GOTHAM1" was successfully repaired in a health system database in Anqing.
    In May 24, 2018, a health system in Anqing was blackmailed by ".GOTHAM1".
    Successful ransom virus repair in a pharmaceutical company database of Hefei
    In May 6, 2018, a ".Java" virus in a database of a pharmaceutical company in Hefei was manually repaired.
    Extortion virus repair in a health system database in Huaibei
    In March 22, 2018, a health system software in Huaibei was blackmailed by ".BUUNY".
    The success of extortion virus in a software database of a pharmaceutical company in Hefei
    In February 26, 2018, the medical industry software database ransom the virus ".JAVA", so that...
    A ransom virus ".Bunny" was successfully repaired in SQL database of a health system.
    In February 24, 2018, a health system in Guizhou was attacked by an extortion virus.Bunny.
    Ransom server UFIDA database ransom virus ".RESERVE3+" declassified success
    In May 15, 2018, the ransom server extorted the virus "RESERVER3+".
     Server data recovery
    Server data recovery
    Server failure recovery, RAID data recovery, server hard disk recovery, virtual machine data recovery, server maintenance
     Memory data recovery
    Memory data recovery
    Multiple hard disks, lights, LUN loss, no connection.
     Minicomputer data recovery
    Minicomputer data recovery
    IBM AIX, HP UNIX, SUN Solaris

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