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Storage media information removal device to find Hefei AI data recovery

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Storage media information removal device to find Hefei AI data recovery! Why does the storage media information removal equipment find AI? Because the AI DRS data recovery system is a set of hardware and software integration of professional data recovery equipment, the use of a new design language, hardware and software integration, highly integrated, the system takes full account of the system technology, professionalism, functionality, ease of use, high efficiency, to provide full media support, full file system support, full function. Support, full Chinese navigation, the system interface is simple, easy to operate, and truly "one machine at hand, no worries".

So what is the problem? What is the data recovery process for AI's storage media information removal equipment DRS system? Next, follow the AI data recovery center engineer to learn more about it.

AI DRS system function module covers the whole data recovery business process. It mainly includes four major links, including media detection, bottom analysis, data recovery and information cleaning. It supports U disk, memory card, flash chip, mechanical hard disk, solid state hard disk, server RAID, database, virtual machine, and so on. Fixed.

 Recovery of AI data recovery system

The hardware level supports a large number of storage media and interface types on the market, and it has strong expansibility and supports fast conversion. On the basis of traditional recovery technology, software level adds fragment scanning and reorganization recovery technology and algorithm, which greatly improves the recovery success rate and recovery effect, especially when document recovery, database recovery, surveillance video restoration and various special format files are resumed. The recovery effect is obvious. The system provides automatic analysis and custom recovery function, for special faults and advanced technical people. Members use research to provide interfaces. The hard disk firmware recovery function is consistent with the international mainstream device PC3000. Some modules function beyond PC3000, the mirror speed is faster and the intelligence level is higher. The server RAID recovery function supports one click intelligent analysis. Regular RAID can send data in seconds. The database recovery function supports Ms SQL, my SQL, access, Oracle, supports fragment level recovery and limit repair function, and can restore maximum effective data. The Ms SQL database repair function is added to the database relationship model of domestic mainstream systems such as UFIDA, Kingdee, housekeeper and so on. As well as referring to the original database structure, the database structure can be automatically repaired. The restored database can be directly invoked and run by software directly, and the function is very powerful. The system is fully developed and optimized according to the operation habits of the Chinese people. The interface is simple and clear, and the operation is simple. Most of the restoration tasks can be completed in only a few steps. More than 95% of the data recovery module of the system is fully developed independently, more secure and controllable, and the advantage of confidentiality is more prominent.

So what is the AI DRS data recovery system suitable for enterprises? Because the AI DRS data recovery system is a set of truly all-purpose data recovery equipment. The algorithm is leading, powerful, simple interface, simple operation, little dependence on professional and technical personnel, and a number of performance indicators are leading, super similar products. It is a powerful tool for data recovery, security erasure, technical investigation and forensic forensics. Therefore, the enterprise unit system that it uses usually has organs and units, security system, monitoring system, troops system, judicial system, public security system, military industry unit, scientific research institution and other enterprises and institutions, and data recovery center, information center, technology investigation center, and judicial evidence collection center must have tools. It can comprehensively enhance the level of internal technology and self rescue ability, effectively respond to various emergencies, and comprehensively improve emergency support services.

Data recovery to find AI! Data recovery system is still looking for AI te! AIT collected tens of thousands of successful cases, practical experience and 20 years of technology accumulation research and development. The aim of the AET is to provide you with better products and services with the aim of professionalism, efficiency, reliability, safety and service.

The above is a detailed introduction to the reasons why the storage medium information cleaning equipment chooses AI. Many times, when you don't know how to choose, please use AI data recovery as a reference. You can not choose AIT, but please choose other brands according to the standard of AI data recovery. This is the guarantee you choose correctly.

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