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Please note that the failure of the hard disk will result in the recovery of the data.

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Please note that the failure of the hard disk will result in the recovery of the data. Generally speaking, the hard disk data loss recovery, if you want to recover without opening, there will not be a small number. Generally speaking, data loss caused by damage of components in hard disk cavity and cavity is required to be solved by hard disk opening. Next, let's take a look at the breakdown of the hard disk.

 Hard disk fault data recovery

1: the hard disk magnetic head has broken down.

How should we judge the damage of the magnetic head? Generally, it can be judged intuitively by electricity. If after the power on, the internal hard disk has been issued a lump of percussion noise, this situation can basically be judged that the magnetic head damage or disk damage, is the need to open the data recovery.

If the hard disk is energized, there will be no sound on the hard disk lump, and the hard disk will stop turning without any response. After re energizing, it will remain the same. Excluding the fault of the circuit board, the magnetic head must be basically damaged and need to be opened for recovery.

After the hard disk is energized, the sound is basically normal, but it is found that the hard disk is not recognized or identified slowly. Most of these discs are also caused by magnetic head damage.

How the hard disk works normally, but the data can not be querying normally, maybe it is a regular bad way. This phenomenon occurs on the hard disk of multi head. It is caused by the damage of some magnetic heads. If we want to restore the data completely, we must open the disk to replace the magnetic head.

 Hard disk stuck dead data recovery

Two: the hard disk appeared stuck, the motor also appeared to lock.

This situation is usually caused by the sudden power failure of the hard disk and the fall during the use. This situation will lead to the death of magnetic head stuck on the disk, the motor can not rotate, listening to the hard disk without rotating the sound outside the disk, most of the magnetic head of such a disk has been damaged, and a small part of the normal, open to deal with.

If the motor itself is damaged and locked, the motor will not rotate or rotate unevenly and slowly after power up. This situation occurs in parts of Toshiba 2.5 inch hard disk, Seagate multi disk hard disk drive and Seagate server hard disk. This kind of failure needs to replace the hard disk spindle electric machine to continue the next step.

Three: hard disk body damage, deformation

We often encounter hard drives bumping, accidentally falling, and squeezing in the bag when moving, and so on. It's like the loss of the hard disk body, distortion and distortion caused by external forces. Due to the damage of the hard disk body, the components in the disk, such as magnetic head components and disk, are also squeezed, and can not work normally. It needs to be opened and resumed.

 Recovery of hard disk inlet data

Four: hard disk splash and water

There are two kinds of situations. One is splashing and entering water when the hard disk is electrified, the other is splashing water and water inlet under non electrified condition. In case of the former, please disconnect the power immediately, clean the liquid immediately, and use the hair dryer to dry. Try not to electrify, and try to find a professional resume company as soon as possible. In the latter case, the liquid should be cleaned up immediately and dried with a blower. It is sure that the electricity will be tried before it is completely dried. If the hard disk does not work properly, please resume professional recovery as soon as possible.

Of course, there is also a case of flooding and hard disk accidental immersion in liquid. Please remove the hard disk immediately, clean up the liquid as much as possible, do not power up, and resume professional recovery as soon as possible.

 Hard disk burn data recovery

Five: hard disk burn out

This situation is usually short circuited or suddenly encountered strong current voltage, such as lightning strikes. If the hard disk is damaged due to the short circuit of the power supply, the circuit board will burn out, replace the circuit board and do the ROM adaption to solve the problem. If the circuit board, the magnetic head assembly or even the spindle motor are broken, the hard disk must be opened and removed and replaced on the same type of disc body for recovery work. The difficulty coefficient of recovery is also very great. If the hard disk burned due to lightning strikes, most of these discs will be broken at the same time. The magnetic head assembly and circuit must be replaced.

The above is to introduce the hard disk of some of the failure is the need to open data recovery. In our daily use of hard disk, we should try to develop the habit of backing up important data to deal with all kinds of unexpected situations. If there is an important data loss, you must not handle it on your own. Then you will gradually operate after seeking professional answers, so that important data files are completely lost and can not be resumed.

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