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Finding AI's recovery data is reassuring.

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Liu Bingsheng, director of Hefei Evening News

The director of Hefei evening news, senior photojournalist, member of China News Photographing society, member of China Photographers Association, Xinhua News Agency Photo conference, and Anhui daily signed photographer.

He edited. "News photography training course" , "Photography training course" , "Talking squirrel monkey" , Five tricks of novice learning, taking good pictures. And a series of works.

His news photo "this danger, I got" won the first "Jiangxi Zan". News Photography Awards Special Award The first East China six provinces and one city press photo invitational tournament The first prize "The Dongba pig Games" won the times. Best picture of the year Xinhua net 2005 Excellent pictures of "natural and environmental" pictures The twenty-second National Photography Exhibition Bronze medal The Central People's broadcasting station was recorded by the author. Filming thief thief. During the "noon hour" broadcast, dozens of newspapers in the country published or reprinted the articles about filming theft. "Very" mother " He was selected to be a large picture album - "100 photographers focused on SARS"; he was once held by the East China branch of the people's daily. "Top ten news photography in East China" Title.  

As a photojournalist for many years, camera is not far away from the body, and there are a lot of photos. It is the most troublesome problem to preserve and manage these photos. They often encounter pictures damaged, SD cards damaged, or even damaged the hard disk of many years' pictures. Photos are life for Photographers, and generally do not dare to easily find people to recover.

A very accidental opportunity to understand the "Ai data recovery" of the Lu Gong, that is, in 2006, "Anhui daily" store photos of the storage server is broken, because the data is important, then looked for the equipment manufacturer Beijing headquarters for nearly a month, finally said that this equipment is too old has been shut down, it is difficult to find maintenance accessories, only to find data recovery company to resume, then positive. Well, the Anhui daily sent a report on "Ai te data recovery", "new technology expedites the industry". This device is the photo backup of Anhui daily for many years. It is very precious and very important. The leaders of the newspaper also attached great importance to this matter, and arranged the technical personnel and the "special data recovery" Lu Gong to communicate in detail the problems of recovery technology and recovery plan. "Ai te data recovery". A very detailed solution has been provided, and the newspaper has also inquired about the technology and word of mouth information from the "Ai te data recovery". Very formal and reassuring. In this way, the data recovery agreement was signed with the "Ai te data recovery", and the technical personnel were escorted throughout the process.

Throughout the recovery process, the final "Ai data recovery" of the Lu Gong after 5 days of painstaking efforts to successfully restore all photos, and there is no damage and loss. It is through this recovery that I am very familiar with the "Lu te data recovery" Lu Gong, and also know a lot about the data recovery industry. Later, I was surrounded by many photographers, newspaper colleagues, friends of the photographers' Association and so on. I would like to recommend "Ai te data recovery" to Lu Gong who encountered data loss. Everyone is very satisfied with the technology and service of "Ai te data recovery". Including: Shushan District propaganda department, Zhang Wenxi, editor in chief of the four Bureau of iron and steel, editor in chief of the Anhui publishing house, chief editor of the Anhui daily, chairman of the photographer association and so on. Finally, I warn you that data is important. Do not rush to the doctor! I recommend "Ai te data recovery": professional, formal and reassuring!

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