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How to recover data loss from hard disk drive? [ 11-27 17:05 ]
Here is a Western 500G desktop hard drive. Yesterday, our customers came to our special data recovery center. Never before damaged desktop hard disk, of course, there is no data recovery! Therefore, as long as the problem is not large, the recovery of basic data will not be very difficult.
Huainan individual Feng Mr. Xi 500G open data recovery success [ 09-22 12:25 ]
Huainan individual Feng Mr. Xi 500G open data recovery success
Survey on mobile hard disk consumption [ 07-28 10:01 ]
It has always been said that mobile hard disk data recovery, but rarely involves the choice of mobile hard disk and how to choose a favorite mobile hard disk to store data. The Hefei data recovery center has made a simple investigation on this matter.
The relationship between UNIQLO video events and data recovery [ 07-16 15:53 ]
I believe that these days, everyone's space and micro-blog were brushing up by the video of UNIQLO fitting room. Yes, Xiaobian, I have micro-blog and space ten status updates in recent days, eight of which are related to UNIQLO. Many of the water forces took part in the battle and questioned the story of UNIQLO's hype, which is marketing advertising made by UNIQLO.
July 23, 2008 Hefei evening news B1 version headline Report [ 03-22 16:04 ]
July 23, 2008 Hefei evening news B1 version headline report: Hefei AIT data recovery center a large number of difficult U disk, digital card recovery case.
November 2011 Anhui Business Daily reported that AI data was restored and Anhui data recovery alliance was established. [ 03-22 15:55 ]
November 29, 2011 Anhui business daily A1 edition reported: Hefei AIT data recovery center, guarding scientific and technological achievements - create Anhui data recovery alliance.
December 7, 2007 Hefei evening edition C2 edition wealth life full page secret [ 03-22 15:47 ]
December 7, 2007 Hefei evening edition C2 edition wealth life full page secret: Hefei data recovery mystical face, interview with Hefei AIT Data Recovery Center General Engineer Lu Tiannan, reported a lot of successful cases. Hefei data recovery center, represented by the Hefei special data recovery center, is leading the country in data recovery technology.
Anhui daily news of Jianghuai in September 8, 2007 reported new technologies to spawn new industries. [ 03-22 15:41 ]
In September 8, 2007, the Anhui daily news of Jianghuai reported that the new technology gave birth to new industries, and reported the Hefei AI te data recovery center and the picture display.
August 2009 director of Hefei evening news reporter - text sentiment [ 03-22 15:12 ]
In August 2009 Jianghuai morning news reporter Liu Bingsheng published: "photographer's character acquisition and comprehension record" 52-55 pages detailedly reported the real case of the AI data recovery center.
Master "save" ten thousand pictures [ 03-02 10:42 ]
Legislation allows QQ to be recorded as court evidence. [ 02-09 10:31 ]
When the netizens cheated their money and found their spouses cheating, were there any valid evidences for the chat records of QQ, MSN and other instant messaging software? Liao Renbin, NPC deputy and general manager of the Hunan provincial Party committee and general manager of the China Telecom, suggested that the chat records of QQ and other software can be considered as court evidence. Now, this aspect basically has technical support.
Learn to protect your electronic evidence. [ 02-09 10:31 ]
The latest criminal procedure law of the People's Republic of China has been officially implemented in January 1st this year. The forty-eighth provision of the new criminal procedure law clearly stipulates the legal status of electronic data as evidence in criminal proceedings. Electronic data mainly includes e-mail, electronic data interchange, online chatting records, web blogs, SMS, electronic signatures, domain names and other forms. It has the characteristics of intangibles, diversity and destructiveness.
What should we pay attention to for network storage server maintenance? [ 02-09 10:31 ]
The network storage server must maintain well in the process of using it. It is necessary to detect and solve the abnormal situation in time. Otherwise, the data of the storage server will be lost, or even the serious loss that can not be recovered. After receiving many data recovery cases, many of them are not aware of the unusual situation of the storage server. Affect the normal use of customers.
Be alert to the consequences of "resurgence" of mobile data recovery [ 02-09 10:31 ]
Nowadays, mobile phones are upgrading faster and faster. Many users will have to switch to a new cell phone in 1~2. By the end of June 2014, the number of smart phone users in China has reached 556 million. The huge volume of users inevitably leads to the huge number of old mobile phones and the amount of personal data they store. These personal data should not remain in the old mobile phones, and need to be taken to eliminate them, so as to prevent unnecessary loss of data recovery.
When flash meets RAID: how to protect data security [ 02-09 10:31 ]
RAID is developed specifically for hard disk drives, but with the advent of flash memory, how do we use RAID to work well in flash memory? How do we use the standard RAID configuration or will it be better in other ways? RAID can be said to be ubiquitous in the current world. The technology covers a variety of disk based redundant designs that can help damaged disks into data recovery. Duplicate, bad disk can reconstruct information on other disks.
Man stabbed donkey deleted surveillance master restore data now prototype [ 02-09 10:31 ]
A man disliked others' electric vehicles and occupied his own territory. He cracked all the front and rear tyres of other people's cars. Afterwards, he tried to evade responsibility and destroy the evidence with great efforts. However, the victim who was unwilling to come to the heart invited a computer expert. In the end, the man who had done something wrong was defeated, and he received 5 days' administrative punishment.
Hard disk failure rate is high in 3 months and 3 years later. [ 02-09 10:31 ]
As early as 2007, Google released a research report related to the failure trend of hard disk drives. Data show that failures usually occur at very early times or after several years. Since this study is slightly outdated, Carnegie Mellon University conducted another similar study (PDF). Luckily, we have the latest breakdown data from Backblaze, an online backup service provider, and record 25000 hard drives purchased over the past 5 years.
Plateau response of mechanical hard disk [ 02-09 10:31 ]
Altitude sickness is a very strange word for people. It means that when a person reaches a certain altitude, the body responds to changes in air pressure caused by altitude, oxygen content and air drying. When altitude reaches 2700 meters, altitude sickness may occur. From the case of recovery center, we found that mechanical hard drives also had altitude sickness. Many customers travel to Tibet and other high altitude areas to carry a notebook or carry a DV of 1.8 Inch mechanical hard disk. However, when they are used at high altitude, they suddenly appear hard to recognize or hard disk abnormal sound. After detecting the hard disk, we found that the heads of these hard disks didn't normally stop in the landing area, but remained on the discs. In the data recovery industry, this phenomenon is called "card head", that is, the magnetic head card is stuck on the disc, producing hard disk with "stuck head" failure. After the power is switched off, the disc cannot be rotated, and the hard disk will issue a "dip" alarm.
The annual failure rate of solid state drives is 1.5%, and mechanical hard disks are 5%. [ 02-09 10:31 ]
According to the survey by foreign media, the annual breakdown rate of SSD is about 1.5%, while HDD is about 5%. Does this mean that SSD is more reliable? The statistics show that SSD is less likely to fail at the early stage of its life, and does not indicate that SSD is more reliable and can work longer than HDD.

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