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Survey on mobile hard disk consumption

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A survey of mobile hard disk consumption. It has always been said that mobile hard disk data recovery, but rarely involves the choice of mobile hard disk and how to choose a favorite mobile hard disk to store data. The Hefei data recovery center has made a simple investigation on this matter.

Of course, the choice of mobile hard disk is the choice. Through investigation, we can find that because of the development of online shopping, many people still choose to choose a mobile hard disk that they like through the Internet. It seems that the way of purchasing mobile hard disk has become a mainstream trend, and it is an inevitable trend. Through investigation, most people buy mobile hard disk in most of the online shopping platforms such as Taobao and Jingdong. And online, the basic purchase channel is electronic consumer oriented real consumption.

Second, choose the storage capacity of mobile hard disk. Through investigation, most of the mobile hard disk storage capacity is basically above 500G, and even more than 1T storage capacity is becoming a trend. So the storage capacity of mobile hard disk can be divided into these two grades.

Then, what factors will affect the purchase of mobile hard disk? When many consumers choose their favorite mobile hard disk, they pay much attention to brand quality, price and specific performance, then they will think of word of mouth. As for the size, type and color of mobile hard disk, this is the last thing that consumers consider. The following is a survey of brand, performance, price and word of mouth.

On the brand side, the domestic brand patriots occupy the first place, followed by the Japanese brand Toshiba and the Korean brand Samsung, Seagate, western data and Lenovo ranked second.

In terms of price, most mobile hard drives are priced at 100-800 yuan, while 300-500 yuan occupy the most.

In terms of performance, the speed of reading and writing is the most concern of consumers.

In terms of word of mouth, most people are introductions, acquaintances, or comments on the Internet to judge what is good or bad.

Of course, some people think that mobile hard disk data storage is inconvenient, for example, mobile hard disk is heavy, it is very inconvenient to carry. Mobile hard disk storage data often suffer damage or data loss, it needs to spend money on mobile hard disk data recovery, wasting money and time. For the last point, it should be noted that it is best to backup one copy after storing data. After all, everything will be bad. That day, we should take precautionary measures in advance.

For this survey, we hope that in the future, mobile hard disk will be able to transmit faster and have better volume, and the price is certainly cheaper. This is the expectation of most people. For the future development direction of mobile hard disk, we believe that many pioneers can understand and believe that the future mobile hard disk data storage will be more in line with the needs of the public.

The survey is basically a group of people between 20 and 50 who can earn their own money to support their families. The main choice is in Hefei. So this survey is directly relative to the Hefei area. In other areas, we need further investigation to know. But in any case, we believe that mobile hard disk data recovery will continue to evolve with the continuous innovation and replacement of mobile hard disk.

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