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     AIT data recovery center

    Database query, additional error reporting, database corruption?

    Tables can't be opened, deleted or deleted?

    Uninstall software, unload database, error loading system database missing?

    ORACLE cannot mount, system table space damaged, redo log corrupted???

    Hard disk damage, server failure cause database loss or damage??



    In original disk Stop any operation

    A kind of Do not make database repair, database recovery, reinstall database, reinstall software, restore backup, file copy and so on on the original data tray. !

    A kind of If you want to try sexual recovery or repair, please try on other computer devices, the result of recovery can no longer be saved to the original data disc, otherwise the data will be covered by danger. Serious consequences that cause important databases to be unrecoverable ! Please bear in mind!

    Choice Formal and professional Recovery company!

    A kind of Database data files are stored in a special form on the hard disk. Affected by this structure, once the database is lost or damaged, it can not be recovered by ordinary recovery software or means, even though the recovered files can not be used normally. Database recovery must use fragment recovery technology to connect data fragments according to certain rules and form a complete one. Database files can be used normally, and debris recovery technology has a high demand for cracking the underlying structure of the data. At present, only a few people in China are mastered. There are fewer companies that can truly restore the database in the province, so choosing to restore the company must be cautious. ! Not all recovery companies can really restore the database!

    A kind of Choose a regular, good reputation professional recovery company, do not greedy small cheap to find irregular companies, delay time, and even cause data to destroy two times!

    A wrong doctor ! Cautious choice !


    In most cases, when customers are damaged or lost, they will contact computer companies, software maintainer or even do their own database restoration or repair. These operations are basically to find some articles on the Internet to see other people's recovery experience and find data recovery software to try, but in the end, these recovery experience and data recovery software are not effective. Is very good, some software even database files are scanned, and even the general data recovery company can not solve, directly tell the user data is covered, can not be restored!! But is this really the case? NO! We have successfully recovered many such cases. In the 12 year, 4000 kinds of database puzzles were solved for customers. Why? Let's analyze the following:

    The structural characteristics of database data files are:

    Numerous place AIT As we all know, data files are stored on storage media (including hard disk, U disk, compact disc, etc.), but according to what rules are stored on media, there are corresponding regulations in different operating systems, but no matter what rules are, there are always two following situations.

    Continuous storage structure: That is to say, data files are stored in a single continuous storage on the medium. The data of this structure can be easily extracted by finding the head of the data and then defining a file that exceeds the length of the data file.

    Fragmented structure: such data files are constantly modified or growing, and data files can not be stored on a continuous basis for a single time. Then these modified or growing data blocks will be stored on the media one by one, and a large number of data fragments will appear on the medium. The data fragments of a block are ordered in series and become a complete data file. Once the system or data files are damaged, they can not be connected by data pointers. The database files have the above characteristics: there will be a large number of data fragments due to the continuous growth of data.

    The basic principle of the conventional recovery method is:

    At present, the domestic data recovery companies are numerous, and the data recovery software is emerging one after another. But at the logical level, the recovery technology is mainly to recover data by analyzing the system file structure (analyzing data pointer) and defining the file header, but this technology can not help the data pointer damage or data files corrupted, and there is a large number of data fragments. The data file of the library is exactly the fragmented structure, which is the real reason why the conventional recovery software can not restore the database effectively or even recover.

    Fragment recovery technology -- the ultimate weapon for database recovery!

    Due to the discontinuity of database data files and the structural characteristics of data fragments, in the case of file system failure, data file corruption, etc., through the database data file ID, the data fragments of one piece of data files are connected in sequence, and a complete database file is reconstituted according to the original database structure, which is the most effective solution, and the database fragment recovery technology can be completed. Us solution: Sql server Database problems such as damage, loss, deletion, database unloading, reloading software, reloading system, hard disk damage, server failure and so on caused by database, data, files, such as Oracle, Accsee, and so on, have a high success rate of recovery, quick speed, and quick operation after recovery. Device!

     It has high success rate, quick speed and good effect. After recovery, it can run directly on software.

    I am proficient in all kinds of database recovery and repair: More...


    SQL database recovery: Micsoft slq2000/sql2005/sql2008/sql2010/sql2012


    Successful case Immediate consultation

    A kind of SQL database queries, can not be attached, additional errors, additional tables can not be opened.

    A kind of SQL database query interruption, irreparable error of consistency, unable to export data;

    A kind of SQL database BAK backup is not successful, backup damage, backup can not be restored;

    A kind of SQL database MDF file can not be copied, lost or deleted.

    A kind of The tables in the SQL database are deleted and all or part of the data in the table is deleted.

    A kind of MDF files that are not backed up or backed up by database reloaded MDF files are not correct or damaged.

    A kind of The reinstall system C disk MDF file is not backed up or the system is wrongly installed to the database with partition.

    A kind of Database failure or loss caused by other factors such as hard disk or machine failure.

    A kind of The database can not connect to the software or the software fails to report in use.

    Access database recovery: Access 97/2000/xp/2003/2007/2013


    Successful case Immediate consultation

    A kind of Access database mdb file is damaged and can not be opened or opened.

    A kind of Access database mdb file table damage, table loss, data loss and so on;

    A kind of Access database mdb file missing, deleting, poisoning, etc.

    A kind of The Access database mdb file cannot be used for software connection or used in error reporting.

    A kind of Improper reloading software causes the database mdb file to be covered.

    A kind of The wrong reinstall system does not backup the C disk database file or misloading system to the database with partition.

    A kind of Loss or damage of MDB files caused by other factors such as hard disk damage, machine failure and so on.

    Oracle database recovery: Oracle 8/9i/10g/11g


    Successful case Immediate consultation

    A kind of Oracle data table is damaged, table data is lost, data deleted by mistake is deleted, deleted tables are deleted, users are deleted.

    A kind of Oracle can not start properly, and some data files cannot be mounted after startup.

    A kind of Oracle data file (dbf/ora) corrupted, lost, deleted by mistake, bad data blocks, etc.

    A kind of Oracle system table space is damaged and redo log is damaged.

    A kind of Oracle data backup is not successful, DMP is damaged, DMP can not be restored.

    A kind of Loss or damage of Oracle data files caused by other factors such as hard disk damage, machine failure and so on.

     I am proficient in all kinds of financial software, management system, database recovery.

    UFIDA software database recovery

    UF NC system: large enterprise management and e-commerce platform, most of which User data is based on Oracle database platform, a few users use DB2, SQL database platform.

    UF U8: the growth enterprise management and e-commerce platform is the most widely used platform for users in the market at present. Early use of SQL2000 database, at present, more SQL2005 and SQL2008 databases are used.

    Most of UFIDA's other systems are based on SQL and Oracle database platforms, so the restoration of UF software database is ultimately the restoration of SQL and Oracle databases.


    Housekeeper database restore

    According to the function, the software is divided into two parts: finance, trade, industry, trade and so on. According to the industry, it has been divided into different versions: clothing, auto parts, medicine (all possible means), food, hardware building materials, production (industry and trade T3/T8/T9) and other editions, but the database platform is mainly based on SQL server;

    The software of housekeeper is divided according to enterprise size: medium-sized enterprises, small enterprises and micro enterprises. The corresponding versions of software are:.Net (ERPX3), network version (brilliant series), stand-alone version (popular version), and the database platform should also be: mysql/SQL/Accsee, so the data recovery of housekeeper software, no matter which industry and what version of software, is ultimately the above data. Library recovery;


    Speed up software database recovery

    Speed up enterprise management software: speed up to V3+/ speed up to V30+/ speed up to V300+/

    Speed up to 3000, which is divided into commercial and industrial version.

    Speed up to ERP management software: speed up to V5+/ speed up to V50+/ speed up to V500+/ speed up to 5000, which is divided into commercial and industrial version;

    Speed up enterprise ERP management software: speed up to V7+/ speed up to V70+/ speed up to V700+/ speed up to 7000, which is divided into commercial and industrial version;

    Speed up financial management software: speed up V3+ finance / speed V3 financial series / speed up financial.Net

    The main parts of the above series are mainly based on the mainstream database platform in the market: Accsee/Sql/Oracle, the early single version is mainly Accsee, the latter is Sql, and Oracle is the main data.


    Mei Ping software database recovery

    Mei Ping software is mainly for small and micro enterprises and storefronts, mainly based on cashier, billing, membership, integral and simple financial management, and there are many software classifications, but it is mainly divided into single version and network version. The Accsee database is used in the standalone version, and the Sql server database is used in the network version.

    Mei Ping industry management software: beauty salon, bath club, KTV entertainment, auto repair auto parts, food, medicine, supermarkets, Internet cafes, mother and baby, laundry, gym and so on;

    Mei Ping restaurant management software: Catering ERP management, fast food management, coffee management, hotpot store management, ordering system waiting;

    Mei Ping Internet version management software: membership management WEB version, customer management WEB version, bookkeeping WEB version, distribution storage management WEB edition and so on.


    Kingdee software database recovery

    Kingdee EAS: large group enterprise management system is Kingdee group enterprise. The Internet based cloud service and management system is a huge data center, mainly using Oracle database platform.

    Kingdee K/3 Cloud: the open ERP cloud platform, mainly for large and medium enterprises, can span multi database platforms, and also focuses on Oracle and SQL.

    Kingdee K/3 WISE: facing the small and medium-sized enterprises, it is the system platform with the highest market utilization rate of small and medium-sized enterprises. It has been divided into many versions and modules according to the industry and function, but the database is mainly SQL2005/2008.

    Kingdee KIS Professional Edition: focus on small business management system platform, Kingdee launched the 13 version, integration of Internet cloud services and other new functions, is a better choice for small and micro enterprise management, database is also SQL2005/2008 based.


    Database recovery for various management systems

    Various types of OA systems, ERP systems, mail systems, and financial systems;

    Inventory management system, membership management system, customer management system, asset management system.

    The hospital HIS system, medical management system, medical insurance system and NCMS system;

    Supermarket checkout system, store cashier system, catering management system, hotel management system.

    The electricity accounting system, the water plant charging system, the gas charging system, the telecommunication charging system and the Internet bar accounting system.





    (1) Supports all mainstream database recovery: Real fragment database recovery technology, support MS SQL MDF database, Accsee MDB database, Oracle database, my sql and other mainstream database recovery

    II. The speed of recovery is fast and the success rate is super high. Completely crack the mainstream database structure, fully self developed debris recovery system, scanning speed, can manually or automatically synthesize data, support remote recovery, 24 hours service, to solve the urgent needs of customers!

    3. The data integrity is good and can be directly used in software: The recovery system sorts the database fragments according to the ID number and syntheses according to the original database structure. As long as the data fragments are not covered or damaged, the synthesized database data integrity is good, it can be directly used in the software, no need to repair and debug, and the effect is good.

    4. Limit extraction of damaged data: When data corruption is serious, data coverage area is large, and incomplete data fragments can be extracted, we can extract all the useful data fragments into the most useful data, such as membership information, consumption records, outgoing details, basic information and so on.

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    More " Common problems in data recovery

    How can hard disk partition be blocked?
    How can hard disk partition be blocked? A few days ago, Ms. Wu, from Hefei AIT data recovery company, found that the hard disk partition could not be opened after the laptop was turned on normally, and it was useless to restart the notebook many times. Through a friend who would repair the notebook, she knew that her notebook might be a hard disk head problem, but in order to ensure that the data file of notebook storage could be recovered, it came directly to our data. Recovery center.
    U can see the document but can't open it.
    U can see the document but can't open it. Sometimes, when we use the U disk, we find that the U disk is very "capricious". We can see the stored files, but we can not open them to death. Especially when these documents are very important, they will be in a hurry.
    What if the hard disk is broken? How to restore hard disk data?
    What if the hard disk is broken? How to restore hard disk data? Here, the AI data recovery center reminds everyone that if the hard disk is broken, the important data files are lost. At this point, please do not operate on your own, especially to force the data to the hard disk memory again. Only in this way can we preserve the lost data "traces" and provide protection for the later data recovery.
    What about Hitachi's hard drive?
    What about Hitachi's hard drive? Mr. Wu from Chuzhou, whose 500G Hitachi hard disk was accidentally dropped, landed the shell off. When I was connected to my computer home, I found that I did not recognize the disk. I found it through the Internet and got to know our Hefei special data recovery center.
    How to recover data loss from server hard disk array?
    How to recover data loss from server hard disk array? Because of the sudden power failure during the UPS power supply, the information of the array is lost after the power failure of the server, and the system can not start. For the information loss of the server hard disk array, the AI data recovery center will do the following: 1, cut off the power in time and mark the hard disk in order. 2, complete the mirroring of multiple hard drives in the server separately. 3, analyze the underlying code to get the RAID array structure. 4, recombined RAID5, and ultimately tested, all data recovered successfully. What we need to note here is that because of the relative complexity of the server structure, data recovery is more difficult than ordinary storage devices. Therefore, if there is any problem with the server, especially when there are important data files, please contact for the first time.
    Can data recovery be damaged after years of hard disk damage?
    Can data recovery be damaged after years of hard disk damage? What happens if your computer suddenly fails to enter the system after many years of use and the computer stores important data files? Here, the editor of AI te data recovery center tells you: please immediately turn off the power and seek professional data recovery agencies to handle.
    Mr. Shi 2T mobile hard disk partition can not open data recovery
    Mr. Shi 500G mobile hard disk partition can not open data recovery. From Fengyang, Chuzhou, Mr. Shi, his 500G mobile hard disk, because of the children playing at home, accidentally dropped the hard disk directly from the one meter high table to the floor, and the shell was thrown off. This sudden accident made Mr. Shi nervous because the mobile hard disk was precious to store many children's photos and videos when they were young. Mr. Shi quickly tried to connect the computer to see if it was damaged. It turned out that the mobile hard disk could be identified but could not open the partition. After finding several repair shops in the locals, they could not recover, and could only do simple maintenance. After inquiring and consulting the Internet, Mr. Shi sent the hard disk to our Hefei AIT data recovery center.
    How can I recover the hard disk data when the computer suddenly fails to boot?
    How can I recover the hard disk data when the computer suddenly fails to boot? Ms. Qian, from Binhu, came to our special data recovery center for help. The laptop was well used without any malfunction, and it suddenly failed to turn on for second days. Many times, the problem remains the same. After consulting the Internet, we came to our special data recovery center.
    Case analysis of virus data loss recovery in Hefei hard disk
    Case analysis of virus data loss recovery in Hefei hard disk. Mr. Hao from Hefei Baohe District, whose 500G hard disk was not aware of the virus, caused all the files stored in the hard disk to be checked. So, follow your friend's recommendation and come to our Hefei AIT data recovery company.
    How can hard disk bad track be avoided? Hefei AIT data recovery tells you!
    Nowadays, there are more and more cases of bad track on the hard disk. In addition to the large number of hard drives used by all trades and professions, there are various improper behaviors. Most of the time, we all can not imagine what bad operation will happen to our hard drive because of bad operation. Of course, this is more or less unavoidable. Then, how should we avoid bad paths? Below Hefei AI data recovery to tell you the answer!

    More " Latest success stories

    Extortion virus repair in HIS system database of a hospital in Guizhou
    In May 1, 2018, a database of ransom virus'.RES' in a HIS system database of a hospital in Guizhou.
    The ransom virus ".GOTHAM1" was successfully repaired in a health system database in Anqing.
    In May 24, 2018, a health system in Anqing was blackmailed by ".GOTHAM1".
    Successful ransom virus repair in a pharmaceutical company database of Hefei
    In May 6, 2018, a ".Java" virus in a database of a pharmaceutical company in Hefei was manually repaired.
    Extortion virus repair in a health system database in Huaibei
    In March 22, 2018, a health system software in Huaibei was blackmailed by ".BUUNY".
    The success of extortion virus in a software database of a pharmaceutical company in Hefei
    In February 26, 2018, the medical industry software database ransom the virus ".JAVA", so that...
    A ransom virus ".Bunny" was successfully repaired in SQL database of a health system.
    In February 24, 2018, a health system in Guizhou was attacked by an extortion virus.Bunny.
    Ransom server UFIDA database ransom virus ".RESERVE3+" declassified success
    In May 15, 2018, the ransom server extorted the virus "RESERVER3+".
     Ms SQL database recovery
    Ms SQL database recovery
    SQL questioned, unable to add, power failure, error, damage, delete, etc.
     Accsee database recovery
    Accsee database recovery
    MDB file corrupted, deleted, reinstalled system, uninstall software, etc.
     Oracle database recovery
    Oracle database recovery
    Unable to start mounting, data file corruption, deleted tables, data, etc.

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