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    What is hard disk opening? Data recovery? ?

    What's wrong with the hard disk? Need open data recovery?

    Hard disk inside Is it vacuum?

    What does disk drive need? Conditions and techniques What about?  

    On the market Recovery companies are really capable. Is the opening resumed?

    Hard disk = hard disk cover + hard disk body + hard disk circuit board.


    What is hard disk opening recovery?

    Seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function: It is to open the hard disk cavity, repair the inner cavity of the disk cavity and the internal components of the cavity, so as to achieve the whole process of restoring data purposes.

    So what kind of hard disk does it really need to open?

    From the above definition, the answer is clear. Any damage to the cavity and the components inside the cavity will need to be restored.


    Hard disk abnormal sound, magnetic head damage: Do not repeat the power on attempt to avoid damaging the magnetic head scratches!


    Successful case Immediate consultation

    1. After the hard disk is energized, the hard disk has been issued internally. Lump The majority of the hard drives are Head damage perhaps Disk damage It must be opened for recovery.

    Encountered such a should Blackout immediately Do not repeat the power on attempt to avoid damaging the magnetic head scratching the hard disk, causing the data to be unable to recover!!! Remember!

    2. After the hard disk is energized, the hard disk lump will stop turning, and there is no response. Once again, it will be able to confirm that it will eliminate the fault of the circuit board. Head damage It is necessary to resume the opening.

    3. After the hard disk is energized, the sound is basically normal, but the hard disk is not recognized or identified slowly, and most of such disks are also caused by noise. Head damage The resulting fault;

    4, hard disk read slowly or basically work, but there are regular bad path. This phenomenon occurs on the hard disk of multi head. It is caused by partial magnetic head damage. If you want to restore the data completely, you must also do it. Opening and replacing magnetic head

    Hard disk stuck, motor locked: Atter disk replacement motor solution success rate 100% Anhui only


    Successful case Immediate consultation

    1, hard disk Sudden blackout In the process of using, it has been thrown down, causing the magnetic head to die on the surface of the disk. The motor can not rotate, and the sound of the hard disk is not rotating outside the disk. Most of the magnetic heads of such plates are damaged, and some of them are normal. They need to be opened for processing.

    2, the motor itself. Damage and lock In some Toshiba 2.5 inch hard disk, Seagate multi disc hard disk and Seagate server hard disk appear more, after electrifying, the motor can not rotate or rotate unevenly and slowly. This kind of failure needs to replace the hard disk spindle motor, while the spindle motor and the disc body are packaged together, and can not be disassembled and assembled individually. Only the disc of the data disc can be taken out as a whole and installed in the same type of hard disk. Because of the large number of hard disk, the installation position and direction of each disk are set by the manufacturer. The accuracy is extremely high. Therefore, it is impossible to remove and install the disc by hand. The distance between the hard disk body and the disc cavity is less than 1mm.

    At present, there is not a ready to use tool on the market that can take out multiple discs and install them on the intact disc at one time, so as to achieve the purpose of replacing spindle motors. Our special data recovery engineer, with many years of experience in hard disk drive, has developed a set of multi disc synchronous disk sampling schemes through simple research. The success rate can reach 100%. To solve this problem at one stroke! The only thing in Anhui is very little in China.

    Damage and deformation of hard disk body: Do not turn on the electricity, avoid motor rotation, scratch the disk, so that can not be restored!


    Successful case Immediate consultation

    The damage and deformation of hard disk body are as follows:

    We often encounter hard drives bumping, accidentally falling down, squeezing in bags, and so on. External force influence cause Loss and distortion of hard disk body And so on, because the hard disk body is damaged, the components in the disk, such as magnetic head assembly and disc, are also squeezed and can not work normally. If the disc body is damaged and seriously deformed, it must not be energized. Once the motor is turned on, once the motor is turned, the disk will rotate in the damaged and deformed disc. The situation of recovery is irreparable.

    So this is also a phenomenon. No repeated attempts. As soon as possible, find the data recovery company that really has the ability to open up.

    Splash and water in hard disk: Please do not switch on electricity, in time to find professional recovery company recovery, avoid liquid residual corrosion disk!


    Successful case Immediate consultation

    1, hard disk in There is no electricity. When splashing water or other liquids, please clean the liquid immediately and dry it with a blower, and make sure that it can be energized after complete drying. If the hard disk does not work properly, please resume professional recovery as soon as possible. Avoid liquid residual corrosion of hard disks and discs The serious consequences of the complete failure of data recovery.

    2, the hard disk splash water or other liquid when working, please. Disconnect the power immediately. Clean the liquid immediately and dry it with a blower. Do not turn on electricity. As soon as possible, seek professional recovery company recovery, avoid liquid residue corrosion hard disk, resulting in serious consequences that can not be restored!

    3. In case of flooding or hard disk immersion in liquid, please remove the hard disk as soon as possible. Clean up liquid , Never turn on electricity. As soon as possible to find a professional recovery company to resume opening, such a hard disk needs to be opened as soon as possible to clean up the disk, to avoid liquid residual disk corrosion damage disk surface, resulting in the data can not be restored to the serious consequences!

    Hard disk burnout and lightning strike: Please do not turn on the electricity to find a professional recovery company that really has the ability to open up.


    Successful case Immediate consultation

    1, cause Power Supply If the hard disk is damaged, the circuit board will burn out, replace the circuit board and do ROM adaption, and then the circuit boards, magnetic head components and even spindle motors will be broken. The opening quotation Remove the disc and replace it on the same type of disc to restore work. The difficulty coefficient of recovery is also great.

    2, cause Lightning stroke Due to burnout of the hard disk, most of the discs will be broken through both the circuit board and the magnetic head assembly.

    3, cause Fire and high temperature environment The hard disk and hard disk labels should be retained as far as the hard disk is burned and burnt. The key parameters of the hard disk and the label on the circuit board and the label are the necessary data for finding the accessories and restoring the data. Under the influence of high temperature, the possibility of disc damage is greatest.


    Is there vacuum in the hard disk? What kind of environment does it have to open?

    NO! Often encounter such users say that the hard disk is a vacuum, can you open it? Do you have vacuum environment? ? We were stupid at the moment. We really had no vacuum. We could not live without a vacuum. Here, I want to completely clarify: The hard disk is not vacuum, but dustless! At present, when all the mechanical hard drives on the market work, when the spindle motor is rotating to a certain speed at high speed, the magnetic head arm is driven above the disk surface. According to the principle of aerodynamics, the magnetic head is suspended on the surface of the disk, instead of being attached to the disk, otherwise it will become a polishing machine.

    The distance between the disk surface and the suspended magnetic head is only 10-50 nanometers, very, very small. Precisely because of this, the hard disk must not vibrate at work, which is why the magnetic head and disc are easily damaged. If it were a vacuum, there would be no concept of aerodynamic levitation. So the hard disk is not a vacuum!!!


    According to the environmental requirements of hard disk production, the cleanliness of the hard disk should be between 100 and 10 in international standard. That is to say, the super clean air is in the very sealed cavity of the hard disk body, and there is a concealed blowhole on the hard disk body. This hole uses high-density filter to isolate the hard disk from the outside and ensure the internal maintenance of the hard disk. Super clean air and balance with the outside air. In this sense, The hard disk must be opened in a super clean environment, which is usually carried out in the 100 level dust-free cleanroom and 100 level dust-free cleanroom.


    International Standard 100 level dust free recovery room - One of the prerequisites for hard disk recovery

     AIT A kind of The clean room is designed and built according to the international 10 level standard: the real professional hard disk opening environment in the province.

    A kind of Wind tunnel, efficient FFU system: to control every detail and provide Gao Jie net environment for opening.

    A kind of 2 horizontal flow dust-free worktable: hard disk opening special, can simultaneously multiplayer operation, improve efficiency.

    Efficient opening system -- two of the prerequisites for hard disk recovery

     AIT A kind of Hard disk opening machine: providing convenient worktable for hard disk opening, easy disassembly and assembly of internal components.

    A kind of Self developed R & D multi disc synchronous disk taking device: effectively solve the multi disc hard disk motor locking failure, the first domestic province, the only one in the province to master this technology recovery company.

    A kind of Single head and multi head replacement tool: inexpensive disassembly and magnetic head, efficiency and success rate.

    A kind of Opening special microscope and disc Cleaner: clear and accurate judgement of contaminated disk and effective cleaning up, effectively solve the problem of water recovery, smoke pollution, minor scratches and other hard disk recovery.

    Sufficient opening accessories -- three of the prerequisites for hard disk recovery

     AIT A kind of Self designed magnetic head protection box: easy to assemble and disassemble, convenient to save, and greatly improve the opening efficiency.

    A kind of Long term storage of a large number of commonly used hard disk magnetic heads: on-site opening, greatly reducing customer waiting time.

    A kind of Harmonious relationship with domestic hard disk manufacturers and spare parts channels: special accessories share national resources, the fastest next day.

    Superb opening technology, skillful opening skills and rich opening experience! -- the core of the hard disk recovery.

     AIT A kind of Disk damage head location Reading Recovery Technology: unique and unique in China, greatly improving the success rate of opening.

    A kind of Disk cleaning and repair technology: clean and repair the seriously contaminated disk, and can effectively solve the hard disk that other companies can't repair.

    A kind of Multi disc hard disk coaxial replacement motor technology: effectively solve multi disc hard disk motor damage, the only province in possession of this technology.

    A kind of 15 years of hard disk opening experience, tens of thousands of hard disk opening actual combat, proficient in various hard disk opening technology, effectively solve all kinds of difficult problems.

    A kind of A lot of difficult and successful cases! A lot of hard drives that other companies can't repair are successfully restored by us.

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    More " Common problems in data recovery

    What is Barkhausen noise?
    What is Barkhausen noise? Previously we know that magnetic domain will deflect under the action of external magnetic field. When the intensity of magnetic field can deflect magnetic domain, we call it "critical point".
    What problems can Hefei's AI data recovery solve?
    What problems can Hefei's AI data recovery solve? Our Hefei special data recovery center will solve the following common problems.
    Under what circumstances, the hard disk needs to be opened for data recovery.
    Under what circumstances does the hard disk need to be opened for data recovery? Hard disk opening data recovery is a special case of data recovery of physical failure of hard disk.
    What is a dust-free laboratory?
    What is a dust-free laboratory? "Clean room", also known as clean room, refers to the exclusion of pollutants from particulates, harmful air and bacteria in the air within a certain space, and the rooms specially designed for indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, airflow velocity and airflow distribution, noise, vibration and lighting, and electrostatic control.
    What is FAT?
    What is FAT? FAT (File Allocation Table) is the file allocation table.
    What is hard disk bad track?
    What is hard disk bad track? Hard disk bad track is because the hard disk uses magnetic medium to store data. After long time use or improper use, there will inevitably be some problems. There is a problem in the magnetic circuit of the hard disk, which is what we usually call "bad path".
    What is the performance of the hard disk?
    What is the performance of the hard disk? As we all know, it is impossible for a computer to run normally without a hard disk. It is quite like a person leaving his brain without two kinds of death. As the core of the computer, hard disk plays a very important role. The loss of general computer data means the loss of hard disk data, and the loss of computer data requires that the hard disk be dismounted for data recovery. The following data recovery center in Hefei will answer your computer's hard disk failure. How can users protect their hard disk data security?
    How to solve the problem of hard disk partition table?
    When the hard disk partition table has problems, how will the machine react? How should it be solved? Hefei AIT Data Recovery Center Technician tells you: first of all, the machine will be unable to start, which is no operating system. But note that the system and data in the hard disk still exist.
    What does the server archive attribute mean?
    What does the server archive attribute mean? Archive attribute is a mark for a file to indicate whether the file has been backed up.
    Under what circumstances should the opening data be resumed?
    Opening data recovery as the name suggests is that the location of the fault is in the hard disk body, and is physically damaged. It is necessary to open the hard disk cavity to remove the fault and replace the damaged components to recover the data.
     Server recovery
    Server recovery
     Server data recovery
    Server data recovery
    Hard disk red light, yellow light, dropped line, RAID information lost.
     Memory data recovery
    Memory data recovery
    Multiple hard disks, lights, LUN loss, no connection.

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